Watermelon with Lime Salt

Looking for an easy way to make watermelon even more flavorful? Try it with Lime Salt! The zing of the lime and the flavor of the salt balances the sweetness of the fruit for a delicious combination!

Want to experiment with flavors? Try using the zest of other citrus fruits! Orange would be delicious, as well!

Lime Salt is super simple; just zest some limes and mix it with flaky salt to infuse the citrus flavor. Sprinkle it all over fresh, cold watermelon slices and enjoy! You can also add lime salt to poultry, veggies, tacos, even fresh salsa!

NOTE: While salt is becoming a popular addition to fresh fruits like watermelon, it is best if the fruit is especially ripe and sweet. Otherwise, the salt can take over and dominate the flavor of the fruit. Only salt well-ripened fruits!

NOTE: Cold watermelon also tastes better than room temperature watermelon, so stick it in the fridge first!

Watermelon with Lime Salt
(Original recipe: Deep Run Roots)

2 TBSP flaky salt (I prefer Maldon)
Zest of 3 limes
Half of one large watermelon, chilled

In a small bowl, combine the salt and lime zest. Use your fingers to pinch it roughly and crush slightly. The idea is to bruise the zest while preserving the flaky texture of the salt. Slice the watermelon half into 1-inch wedges. Sprinkle one side with the salt and serve immediately.

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