Who We Are

Hello, I’m Lisa.
Owner and Executive Creative Director of Mainstay Kitchen & Home

Who We Are

Welcome to Mainstay Kitchen & Home.

A mainstay is defined as a person or thing on which something else is based or depends, founded on the stay that extends from the main top to the foot of the foremast of a sailing ship.

I believe the home is the mainstay of our lives, and furthermore, the kitchen is the mainstay of our homes. The foundation for our lives is based on the work we do within the walls of our home.

I believe in balance; that great taste and the ease of efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I love our budget saver tips as much as our quality investment pieces.

I believe cooking and design are equal parts science and design, beautifully balancing objective rules with subjective preference.

I believe in authenticity and distinctiveness; that everyone deserves a home that fits the way they live and the things they love. There is no wrong way to nurture your own home.

I believe intentional homemaking is an important part of our lives, individually and as a community. I celebrate the concepts of family and traditions, no matter how many people live under your roof.

I also really, really, really love the holidays!

Thank you for joining our community. I hope you will find a love for your home and kitchen the way we have.

“The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.”

Harold B. Lee