Mainstay Spring Home Décor Tour

It’s the first day of spring in the US! What better way to celebrate than a tour of our spring home décor?

My favorite part of spring is the sense of light and life. The daylight is increasing, illuminating the colors of the plants that are coming back to life. The cold grey of winter is being filled with an explosion of color, and I want to pull that into the interior of my home, as well. Spring colors tend to be pastel, but I try to find ones that aren’t too pale. I like a little boldness, even in the spring!

I have a weakness for all the bunnies and baby chicks you find in décor this time of year. While stores tend to sell them themed specifically as Easter, I prefer to incorporate bunnies for the entire season. After all, my backyard is filled with baby bunnies this time of the year!

My other favorite spring motif is lemons, one that I extend into summer, as well. I love the bright yellow, especially against the blues and greens I already have in my home. One of my favorite collections to pull out in the spring is Pottery Barn’s Rebecca Atwood Lemon Collection. I especially love how the bedding lightens our entire bedroom!

My second favorite collection to use in spring is Williams Sonoma’s Damask Bunny Collection. The only thing I love more than the blue and white damask pattern is the adorable face of the bunny peeking out!

How about you? What is your favorite way to bring spring into your home this time of the year? Share in the comments below!

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