Early Fall Décor Season and Sales

It’s finally August, meaning it’s less than one month until we fall enthusiasts get the green light to transform our living spaces! We realize this is a polarizing topic, but we also know how many of our readers are just like us, and the sight of pumpkins reappearing on store shelves elicits squeals of pure joy!

2019-08-02 10.20.17 1.jpg

Here is the number one insider secret: right now is THE BEST time to buy décor, and not just fall-themed either. These stores need to clear shelf space for the madness that is the holidays, so this is the sweet (yet short) spot of spring/summer clearance combined with fall/Christmas introduction sale pricing that can save you loads of money.

You can also combine these already low prices with coupons. Almost everywhere has some kind of email/text coupon service, many of which can be accessed on your phone while standing in line to pay. At more than one store, I got 40% off AND buy-one-get-one-free on all new fall items + 70% clearance on Christmas and spring + a 20% off your entire purchase including sale items coupon. We saved literally hundreds of dollars.

2019-08-02 10.20.18 2.jpg

BONUS TIP: for certain common craft items, bypass the fall section in the front of the store and check the spring clearance, usually near the back. At Michael’s, we found the exact same faux cotton stems for 70% off with a spring tag, as opposed to full price with a fall tag.

2019-08-02 10.19.31 1.jpg

Word to the wise: while it may seem counterintuitive to purchase pumpkins and gourds while the weather is sweltering outside, be aware of high demand. All the most popular fall items – read: highest quality – tend to sell out before Labor Day. So if you see a seasonal item you simply must own, don’t expect it to stick around. Chances are high that it will sell out quickly. Things are already disappearing off shelves, and August has barely begun.

If fall décor is your thing, GO NOW! Sign up for emails, get your coupons, check the clearance racks, and save some money on items to transform your seasonal home! Fall is coming, followed by the holidays; It’s our time to shine!

NOTE: All photos in this post are from previous seasons. Be sure to follow us on all our social media accounts to see this year’s fall décor hauls as we acquire them. We will also be posting a full fall décor tour video next month!

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