Citrus Extract

What do you do when you receive a gorgeous bottle of vodka, but you don’t actually drink alcohol?

Make extract!

When Danielle from Rustic Joyful Food handed me a bottle of her new grapefruit and pomelo flavored Florescence Vodka, I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. I loaded up the entire bottle with organic lemon and orange peels, and it’s currently infusing in my pantry!

In six short weeks, I plan to use it for several applications:

  • Baking, like in Cranberry Citrus Almond Muffins
  • Drinks, like a delicious cup of afternoon citrus tea
  • A homemade cleaning solution, filling my home with the bright, cheery smell of citrus while I clean all my counters, mirrors, and stainless steel.

And guys, it already smells SO good!

TIP: Make sure to use organic citrus. Since you’re using the peels, it’s best to choose ones with the fewest amount of chemicals on them.

TIP: When peeling the citrus, do your best to get as little white pith as possible. The pith is very bitter and will affect the overall flavor. I find that a vegetable peeler does the trick well, but you can use a paring knife if you prefer.

Homemade Citrus Extract
(Original recipe: Spoonful of Flavor)

3 citrus fruits (organic preferred)
750 ml (about 25 oz) vodka, more or less depending on your container size

Wash the fruits well. Peel the top layer off each of them without getting too much of the pith. Place the peels in the bottle of vodka. Make sure the peels are completely covered by the vodka. Store at room temperature for one month to 6 weeks, then strain out the peels. Store for up to 6 months at room temperature.

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