Charcuterie Bento Box Lunch

Taking homemade lunches on the go with you can be a great way to save money and calories, but if you’re like me, you get tired of sandwiches pretty quickly. Time to think outside of the box, or perhaps this time, inside…the bento box!

One day, I had a thought: why couldn’t a charcuterie board be a lunch? So I grabbed a bento box and started filling it up!

There is only one rule to a charcuterie bento box lunch: if it could go on a charcuterie board, it can go into one of these lunches. He loves them because they’re customizable and delicious; I love them because they come together quickly and easily!

Our favorite components

Sliced nitrate-free salami
Pepper jack cheese slices
Spicy brown mustard
Manzanilla or Kalamata olives
Whole-grain crackers
Roasted cashews

Other ideas for your charcuterie lunch boxes

Your choice of crackers or crostini bread
Your choice of dried and/or sliced meats
Your choice of cheese, sliced, diced, or even small balls of fresh mozzarella
Your choice of nuts
Sliced or cut veggies (tomatoes, bell peppers, etc)
Sliced or cut fruit, fresh or dried
Pickles or pickled veggies
Jam or chutney

For more tips on how to build a large charcuterie board for entertaining, click here!

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