Salami Roses

Looking for a clever, creative way to dress up a charcuterie board? Or perhaps you want to give your Valentine an extra special bouquet of flowers. It’s surprisingly easy to create impressive looking roses using simple slices of salami! The secret tool? A wine glass or champagne flute!

Which glass to use depends on the size of the rose you desire. To create a smaller rose, use a champagne flute with a narrower rim. For a larger rose, use a wine glass with a wider diameter rim. You can also choose any type of salami you wish; the difference lies in the thickness of the slices. Thicker slices will require fewer pieces to create larger roses, while thinner slices need fewer. Be sure they are sliced thin enough to bend in half.

The process of creating the rose is easy. Fold one slice of salami over the rim of your chosen glass. Layer more slices around the remainder of the rim until it is covered, and continue layering slices of salami until it is full. Invert the glass to release and reveal your flower. Arrange the “petals”, if needed.

TIP: Salami roses are the perfect additions to charcuterie or cheese boards. Check out our post on how to create your own here!

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