Mainstay Christmas Home Tour 2021

It’s our favorite post of the year – our annual Christmas home tour – and we’re so glad you’re joining us!

Dining Room

I stick with traditional reds, greens, and silvers in the dining room, accented by lots of lighted garland and red berries. I love the twinkle of silvers and mercury glass, as well as a hint of gold from our holiday dishes.

Living Room

This room is a lot more playful than the dining room, pulling in a lot more jewel tones. This wider spectrum of colors pop right off our usually neutral living room, especially when they’re glitter and sparkly! I also really Jim Shore’s style and have begun collecting some of his colorful Christmas pieces, as well. Our tree is artificial, but there’s a real wreath tucked into the lower level of the coffee table that fills the entire room with that fresh pine scent. We prefer that to any synthetic Christmas tree smells out there!


A hot cocoa bar and too many cookies! But hey, that’s Christmas, right? Also, my husband says I’m developing a nutcracker problem. He might be right.

The Rest

This is, by no means, the rest of our home décor. But this post is already long, so I’m going to hold myself back a little. But I definitely believe in paying attention to the little details. Here are a few of mine. (Also, I clearly have an affinity for the word “merry”…)

3 thoughts on “Mainstay Christmas Home Tour 2021

  1. Your home should have it’s very own HOUSE GORGEOUS Magazine!!! Your colors alone are so stunning and the creativity endless! So beautiful 🙂


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