Christmas Décor Must Haves

Everyone knows you must have items like a ladder, hammer, and extension cords to properly install Christmas decorations. But you can make fluffing your garland and hanging your stockings even easier with these little bonus secrets to save you loads of time and effort!

Command Strips

Let’s be honest; these temporary wall-hanging strips, hooks, and clips have become the heartbeat of today’s holiday décor. They come in a myriad of types and colors, serving a wide variety of almost any purpose you can dream up! Note: the cord clips are especially useful hanging lighted garland!

Mounting Putty (aka Sticky Tack)

I always say my home is held together with Sticky Tack, and never more than during the holidays! Use this versatile mounting putty to hang pieces of art or secure wobbly décor.

Twist Ties

Use twist ties to wrangle all the cords of your Christmas lights, hanging wall décor, or affixing florals to wreaths!

Super Glue

Let’s be honest: things break. They get knocked over or dropped. Sometimes they are broken inside our storage bins. Keep a small tube of super glue on standby to fix things quickly and easily!

Label Maker

Labelling your strings of lights and garland to keep track of where you put them can save ample time the following year. Extend that concept and label your extension cords, as well. You’ll thank yourself next December!

Clear Hair Elastics

Bunch items together, like floral bouquets, with clear hair elastics. They come in more handy than you might think!


Working with greenery, whether real or artificial, can really beat up the skin on your hands and arms. So grab a pair of gloves! They can keep all those pine needles and/or wires from causing pain!


Never underestimate the problem-solving capabilities of common household items, as well! Paper clips, twine, push pins, staples, scissors, measuring tape, finishing nails…all of it counts! There is no “right” way to decorate your home. If it works for you, it works!

Which helpful must-haves do you swear by while transforming your home into a holiday wonderland? Leave it in the comments below!

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