Thanksgiving Leftover Paninis

Imagine all the best flavors of Thanksgiving stuffed between two pieces of crunchy, buttery Sourdough bread with ooey, gooey Swiss cheese and the tang of mustard?

Did that get your attention?

Truth be told, every single November, I anticipate this leftovers sandwich more than Thanksgiving dinner itself. In fact, I ensure I will have plenty of food once the holiday is over specifically so I can make this sandwich.

The beauty of this sandwich is that you don’t even need specific measurements. It’s based loosely on a recipe from Pioneer Woman, but these sandwiches are easily customizable based on preference.


  • Sourdough bread. If you can get real sourdough, don’t hesitate!
  • Leftover turkey, white or dark meat doesn’t matter
  • Leftover turkey gravy
  • Leftover dressing/stuffing
  • Sliced cheese (we prefer Swiss or Havarti)
  • Mustard (we prefer yellow or Dijon)
  • OPTIONAL: Leftover cranberry sauce
  • Butter

To assemble your paninis

  • Butter one side of both pieces of sourdough
  • Spread mustard on the un-buttered side of one piece of sourdough
  • Lay sliced cheese over the mustard
  • Place leftover turkey pieces on the cheese
  • Smother the turkey in gravy
  • Spoon dressing/stuffing on top of the gravy
  • If using cranberry sauce, spoon that on top of the dressing/stuffing
  • On the second piece of sourdough, spread mustard on the un-buttered side
  • Lay sliced cheese over the mustard
  • Invert the bread and cheese over the rest of the assembled sandwich, so that the buttered sides are face out
  • Grill the sandwich in a skillet over medium heat or in a panini press until the cheese has melted and the bread has turned golden
  • Serve immediately and ENJOY!

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