Fall Home Décor Tour 2021

Like many others, I get tempted by the current trends every single year. Those peaceful neutral palates and the clean black and whites of the farmhouse style can be very alluring. However, despite my best efforts, I keep coming back to the more traditional colors of the season.

My difference is that I like to incorporate them with deeper jewel tones of the same color palette. In addition to soft pumpkin oranges, mustard yellows, and cool browns, our home is filled with deep jade greens, pomegranate reds, Mediterranean blues, and bright apple reds. These colors just pop off our mostly neutral palette walls and furniture while providing a much needed coziness for the cooler, shorter days.

I also like utilizing natural seasonal items in my fall décor: varying wood tones and lots of bright fruits are common in our house this time of year. Apples and pomegranates hold as much of a lofty fall position in our house as pumpkins do.

And speaking of pumpkins, I love to showcase a variety of real pumpkins every autumn. Yes, Fairytale and Cinderella pumpkins are beautiful, but have you seen a Cotton Candy or Rouge Vif D’Etampes pumpkin? The more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned!

Dining room


Living Room

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