How to Make a Beautiful Seasonal Bed

It’s September! Time to switch our bright, cheerful, lemon spring/summer bedding…

….to our richer, cozier fall/winter bedding.

You’ll notice they’re set up similarly; this is deliberate. I’ve invested in high quality foundational bedding pieces – purchased on sale, of course! – with which I can simply switch out covers and blankets to create an entirely different design for each season.

Here’s how I do it!

  • The bottom layer is a good, high quality mattress liner. These can add a layer of luxury that you feel every time you lie down in your bed. I personally don’t like the waterproof kind; those feel like diapers to me. But a good one is worth it!
  • Above that are your sheets topped by a good quality down (or down alternative) comforter. TIP: lay your top sheet upside down so that when you fold the top over the comforter, you see the intended finished seam.
  • During the cooler months, I cover the bottom half of our comforter with a textural blanket or comforter. I especially like velvet!
  • Finally, the bottom of the bed boasts a second down (or alternative) comforter encased in a patterned duvet cover. This adds visual interest while also serving as additional warmth for especially cold nights.
  • For the pillows, I always make the bed so that the pillows we actually sleep on sit in the back. Let’s be frank: sometimes real-life pillowcases are subject to drool or sweat stains. Make everyone think you magically never sweat by hiding those behind the beautiful decorative pillowcases that match the duvet cover. Finally, toss a throw or bolster pillow in the center for some interest.

We alternate between two higher quality investment bed sets, both incorporating shades of blue to match the pale blue of our bedroom walls. If you’re interested in these two bed sets, they are both from Pottery Barn. The lighter spring/summer lemons are from designer Rebecca Atwood. The darker autumn/winter set is called Jordana Paisley.

TIP: To make life easier, consider investing in down alternative comforters that can be washed in your residential washing machine. These are also recommended for warmer sleepers, as traditional down can be uncomfortably hot. We love both of ours from Martha Stewart and Charter Club at Macys.

Seasonal bedding can be such a fun way to celebrate the changing seasons! It can keep you warm and cozy during frigid nights or cool and breezy during warmer ones. I highly recommend this way of bringing the seasons into your bedroom in a fun yet practical way!

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