How to Cut a Bell Pepper

Today’s Kitchen Basics lesson is something that confounds many home cooks: what is the easiest way to break down awkwardly-shaped bell peppers? Grab that knife, and let’s learn!

First, cut off the top (with the stem) and the bottom of the pepper, creating a sort of bell pepper “tube”. Run your knife around the inside of the tube to remove the core and seeds.

OPTION #1: Bell pepper rings

Lay the pepper “tube” on its side and slice parallel to your first cut to create bell pepper rings.

OPTION #2: Bell pepper strips

Slice vertically through your pepper “tube” and lay it flat on the cutting board, skin side down. Slice into strips.

Option #3: Diced bell pepper

Follow all the above steps to slice your pepper into strips. Turn the strips 90 degrees, and use your knife to dice those strips into whatever size pieces you want.

Hopefully, these tips will demystify bell peppers and up your kitchen game! However you need to break down your bell peppers, they add fantastic flavor to many dishes!

DID YOU KNOW? All bell peppers start out green! They turn different colors depending on their ripeness and varietal. The longer they are allowed to stay on the vine, the sweeter and more nutrient-dense they become. This is why green bell peppers are usually more affordable at the grocery store; they’ve been picked before they are fully ripe. To get the most nutrition for you buck, choose red peppers. You’ll get less bitterness, as well as more beta-carotene and vitamins A and C.

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